My name is Iwona and I am passionate about life. I am trying to life live to the fullest experiencing it through my passions, one of them being the traveling. However, my type of traveling may differ a bit from what we call being a turist. I’ve done various types of traveling: visiting some place for a few days, spending holidays at different surroundings and finally I discovered the best possible way of traveling which is living abroad for a longer period of time. It enables you to get to know the foreign culture more thoroughly, establish real friendships and live just as another local. Each “trip” like that changes your life irreversibly. Those aren’t just good memories of what happened during some journey. It is part of your heart left somewhere. Such an enriching experience one may have.

I have visited some countries in Europe, did a student exchange programme abroad and worked in a few countries. The exchange year in Spain changed my life forever teaching me so much about life, the people, the differences we have and the beauty of it all. It gave me true friendships and much more. Since then I’ve changed my attitude towards the word ‘traveling’.

I am Polish and I speak fluently English and Spanish. For that reason I’ll write my articles in those three languages.

Through my website I would like to motivate and inspire the people to experience something throughout their lives, fight for their dreams and happiness, have a better life, be brave enough to change things and follow their inner voice, follow their passions against all odds, get to know the beauty around us, meet interesting positive people. Traveling is one of my passions, but it enables you to experience so much that I recommend it to anyone! You’ll not regret it. Hence, there’s even that saying “Traveling is the only way you buy that makes you richer”.

However, my type of traveling doesn’t require too much budget, I try to go somewhere so that when I come back it costed me almost nothing. That’s why I’d like to encourage all the young students in their 20′ like me, all those who dream of traveling but fear of its costs. I’ll give you some tips on how to travel low-cost or even do it so finally it costed you barely anything. I mean there’re so many opportunities nowadays! You can find a job there, manage your journey differently, establish your life for some time at your destination point. Keep updated to Trotamundoss and you’ll learn much useful information.

Whatever your passion is, whether it’s traveling or any other field, follow it. I’m sure it’s worth fighting for it. So that we all could have a valuable life lived to the fullest.

‘Travel not to escape life, but for the life not to escape us’